Kay Hajek, PLADC

I’m a provisionally licensed alcohol and drug counselor with over 30 years of experience working with individuals struggling with addiction, through recovery programs and sponsorships. I obtained my counseling license in 2018, in order to serve the community in a more professional role.

I believe that anyone can recover, and am committed to a variety of therapeutic approaches that address chemical addiction (the addiction that involves the use of substances) and behavioral addiction (the addiction that involves compulsive behaviors, that are persistent and repetitive and are carried out even if they don’t offer any real benefit.)

These therapeutic approaches may include: CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), esteem building, and motivational interviewing to assist in the recognition of underlying factors contributing to addiction.

I offer substance use evaluations and individual therapeutic services to both youth and adults experiencing a wide range of addiction issues. These include but are not limited to: alcohol use, drug use, and problem gambling. Whether involved in the legal system, or seeking services voluntarily, I am a preferred probation provider and credentialed with some insurances, in order to best serve my community.

Phone: (308) 250-1599
Fax: 308-365-5122